2 establishments in the heart of Epernay

Les Sarments butcher's shop

+33 3 26 55 22 81

Le Pressoir Catering Service

+33 3 26 55 25 78

Seasonal specialties

Our meat and cold meats range changes with the seasons. During the summer, we bring out the barbecue specialties. In the winter, make way for the Bresse poultry, stews and other gourmet specialties.

« We wish to be as close as possible to your daily concerns. »


  • High-quality meat
  • 100% French meat
  • Meat bought on the hoof
  • Local products and distribution network
  • Traditional cutting in a laboratory


  • Home-made kebab
  • Marinated grilled food
  • Prime rib of beef
  • Seasoned sausages
  • Fondue/Pierrade (stone grill) meat
  • Paschal lamb
  • Christmas poultry

For all our seasonal products, we strongly advise you to check with your butcher and to order beforehand.

In the Les Sarments butcher’s shop, your butcher is at your service to find the meat to your liking, the size according to the number of people and the cooking method.

For more information, contact us: +33 3 26 55 22 81.